The First 5 Mr. Olympia Winners Then And Now

Which one surprises you the most?

Does bodybuilding help the aging process?

The usually intensive bodybuilding diet, comprised of healthy carbs, loads of protein and healthy fats, along with valuable supplements build and nourish the body. Building and nourishing the body for years while your young provides a massive advantage to bodybuilders as they age.

Lifting weights which is the bread and butter of any bodybuilder will help to offset osteoporosis – bone degradation – while ensuring a degree of consistent muscle mass to enable a strong base of structural support and the promotion of sufficient physical abilities as you get old.

As the bodybuilding lifestyle requires you to consistently eat well and train regularly, it becomes a part of our daily routine to lift and eat well. This is a massive advantage. We are developing habits and mental pathways now, not waiting until we are old and saggy bags of skin to start making healthy life choices.

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