Flex Wheeler Spills The Secret To Muscle Growth

Bodybuilding Tips From Flex Wheeler – NO BS!

Flex Wheeler

Flex Wheeler who is a retired American IFBB professional bodybuilder and five-time Arnold Classic winner and the one described as the greatest bodybuilders by Arnold Schwarzenegger says that majority of the people at the gym are utterly misunderstanding the main secret to build muscle mass.

Flex Wheeler

He also said in one of his posts on Generation Iron,

More than 90% of the questions people ask me via email or at the gym is the best weightlifting routine to become strong and huge. The number of sets, reps, drop sets, rest time, super set, etc.

Wheeler gave a very short and good answer that you don’t grow in the gym, you grow at the dinner table. Your training routine does not limit the growth, it’s actually the recovery phase, eating and sleeping routine.

Flex Wheeler

Most of the people who have the desire to get bigger and stronger quite often train hard but the mistake they make is they don’t eat and sleep, which is basically the secret pill to their growth. Wheeler also said, “Individuals often carry a notebook with a record of their rep and set they’ve done during the past couple of years.” What’s missing is the record of their meals. This is where they lose.

Even though working out is important but what you eat is what actually matters. Without proper diet, you’ll never build the lean muscle mass.

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