14 Foods You’re Probably Pronouncing Wrong



Let me set the scene: You’re on a date, and everything is going lovely. You ordered wine, you’re sipping away, everything is completely perfect. The waiter comes over to your table to take your order. You spot the lemon dill chicken with a side of asparagus and quinoa on the menu. So, as you rattle off your order, you pronounce quinoa completely wrong. Your date looks at you like a barn yard animal, and the waiter corrects you with a condescending chuckle. You turn bright red. Well, quinoa may not be the only food you’re pronouncing wrong.

14 Foods You’re Probably Pronouncing Wrong:

1. Jicama

This can easily be mistaken as Ji-ca-ma but don’t be fooled. The J sounds like an H (just like Jose). It’s pronounced HEE-kuh-muh.

2. Quinoa

A delicious grain substitute, quinoa can be a tricky word to say. It is pronounced KEEN-wah.

3. Pho

One of the most delicious comfort foods around and deceivingly difficult to pronounce. It is pronounced FUH.

4. Farro

Another healthy grain, it’s not pronounced like an ancient Egyptian ruler. The proper pronunciation is FAHR-ro.

5. Beignet

Delicious, soft, fluffy, and loaded with sugar, beignet is a French term for a deep-fried pastry, pronounced ben-YEY.

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