Build Massive Arms Using These 6 Unconventional Moves

Your not doing these exercises, but you should

Build Massive Biceps

Properly training arms is a very delicate process – you don’t just grab a barbell and curl it until you can’t lift your arms anymore.

You have to hit the muscle from all angles to get maximum results. And that’s exactly what we’re gonna be doing here. We’ll cover training your biceps on this page and triceps on the next.

In the end, it will be up to you to combine the exercises into your workout to take your guns to town.

Build Massive Arms Using These 6 Moves

1. Spider Curls

This one you can do either with a barbell or a dumbbell, your choice. Lay on a slightly elevated bench with your stomach facing the floor. Grab ahold of the barbell and start curling. This will add mass to your arms and give you the definition you are looking for.

Play around with the bench angle to find “the sweet spot” that will hit your arms the best.

2. Lying Cable Curl

Despite the exotic look of the exercise, it’s actually pretty straightforward. You lay in front of the cable pulley with the pulley adjusted to the lowest level and start curling.

There isn’t much you can do here angle wise, but you can play around with the weight and rep range. Your guns will be blazing after a couple of sets of these.

3. Two Arm High Pulley Cable Curl

Since you are already at the cable cross machine, let’s use its potential a bit more. Stand in the cable cross machine and grab both cables with your arms staying just above shoulder level. Now from that position contract your arms towards yourself, in a double biceps pose.

This exercise is actually a two-in-one. You get to flex your pythons in front of everyone in the gym without looking like a douche and the exercise is very effective. Pay attention to your form and technique here – it’s crucial. When contracting, squeeze the biceps and slowly let your arms get to the straight position again.

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