These Weightlifting Grandmas Have Bodies Of A 20-Year-Old

These ladies prove that age is really just a number

As someone who felt she was “destined to be overweight,” Wendy Ida, a 64-year-old grandma, has changed her life with exercise. After leaving an abusive relationship at 43 with low self-esteem and weighing almost 200 pounds, Ida decided that she needed to change something about her life.


She is now a size six and a grandmother of three. She has won eight bodybuilding prizes. However, it wasn’t easy to make such a drastic lifestyle change at 43; it’s not easy to do at any age.

“At first, I felt over the hill,” she said. “I didn’t feel good about myself. My confidence was low, and I felt like it was too late for me.” Everyone knows what it feels like to get back to the gym after months of hibernating or a laziness phase. Your workout clothes feel a little tighter, and the desk receptionists give you a knowing look.

wendy 2

“The change wasn’t overnight,” she said, “I’d go down in weight then make mistakes and go up.” This was just while she was doing cardio and running outside, and she knew something was missing.

“I started weight training and found that helped me with my strength and maintaining my weight.”

Since starting weight-training, Wendy has lost around 70 pounds and is now an ab-bearing babe. At 64, she is commonly mistaken to be in her early 30s or around the same age as her daughter, Sky, who is 41.


She entered her first bodybuilding competition just before her 57th birthday and ended up taking home three trophies. She came in second place for “women over 18,” second for “women over 35,” and first for “women over 45.”


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