Not Seeing Results From Your Workouts? You Might Be A Non-Responder

You could be a hardgainer without even knowing it.

Most of the people join a gym with lots of motivation. They pay for a gym membership and completely change their lifestyles for their own good. They bid farewell to their beloved carb loaded foods and desserts.

This sacrifice can be short-lived in most cases. When people fail to lose weight or gain muscle mass and see no major results in their physiques, it can be disheartening for them. This usually leads many people to quit working out altogether.

Are You A Non-Responder?

Not Seeing Results From Your Workouts? You Might Be A Non-Responder

Non-responders take a lot more time as compared to their peers to make the same progress in the gym. It’s easy to determine if you are a non-responder or not. Answer these questions to determine the answer:

  • Is it hard for you to gain or lose weight even after you change your diet or training program?
  • You don’t make muscle gains or lose weight at the end of a four-week training schedule.

If you answered “yes” to the questions listed above, are a non-responder. Make sure you aren’t deliberately using the badge of a non-responder to save yourself from the pain of working out and following a strict diet.

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Now that you have figured out if you are a non-responder, we won’t leave you in the dark about what to do. Here are five ways you can reach your fitness goals even if you are a non-responder.

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