Heart Rates To Aim For On Your Treadmill For Specific Post-Winter Goals

During the holidays, sticking to exercise goals gets harder, but it shouldn’t be with the right goal.

Aerobic Zone

The Aerobic Zone refers to aerobic metabolism. In this zone, your body primarily uses oxygen to create it’s energy. This is the primary zone of operations for endurance sports, such as long distance running.

If you’re an endurance athlete looking to build even more endurance or a power athlete looking to become more rounded, then this is the zone you should be training in.


Tip: Invest in a treadmill and make your endurance training more easily accessible. Eliminate trips to the gym, finding a babysitter if you have kids, or having to run in the dark before or after work.

Aerobic/Anaerobic Zone

Somewhere between the aerobic and anaerobic zones lies your lactate threshold, which is where your body begins producing lactate. Training near or just under this line can help increase your aerobic ability and stave off lactate build up for longer.

Lactate threshold training can be very beneficial for endurance and power athletes alike, and raising that bar is a great goal for anyone.

Tip: Be accountable to social media and share your goals with other people. You’ll be less likely to back down when others are encouraging you and keeping tabs.


Anne Mahlum, owner of Solidcore says telling your followers and friends you’re going to exercise “keeps you accountable in a very public way.”

Anaerobic Zone

The Anaerobic Zone refers to anaerobic metabolism. In this zone, your body primarily starts burning glucose to create energy. Also, the lactic acid starts to build up.

This is the zone for an endurance athlete looking to build up speed for the final lap, or the power athlete wanting more drive from beneath the weights.

Tip: Treat yourself. Working out in this zone can be rough, especially if working out in the cold.


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