17 Extremely Tasty, Satisfying High-Protein Snacks for When You’re On the Go

Snacks, glorious snacks.


Some things come as a bit of a shock when you start a lifting program in the gym. The first is you are immediately and forever smaller than you want to be; the second is that you are hungry all the damn time, which may account for the first.

When you’ve got the body of a Greek deity from all the hours spent in the gym, it stands to reason you’re not going to fill it with crap. Except for a cheat day, our diets are more prepped than an operating room and just as sterile. We exist on chicken breasts, brown rice, vegetables, protein shakes, steak and tuna. However, unlike professional bodybuilders/powerlifters/athletes who get paid to eat, train, sleep and repeat, we gym rats have to work to afford all the things we love.


Despite our most meaningful relationship being with the weights we sweat over six times a week, sometimes we’ve got to do a spot of kissing. Wait, what? Yes, you read that right! We are beasts-in-training, and this means snacks are to us as kissing is to the mating ritual. They never really fill you up, but they can tide you over until you can get to the main event. So here are some of the best protein-rich snacks that will help you to curb those hunger pangs when you’re on the go.

1. Jerky

healthy beef jerky

It’s meat. High in protein, these are great snacks to throw in a bag or car, as they keep fresh for long periods when stored correctly. Go low sodium and low sugar for healthy options. You can get beef, chicken, turkey, fish, and there are even meat-free vegan options. We truly live in amazing times!

2. Canned Tuna

Yes, it’s got the taste (damn you Dom Mazzetti), but there’s much to recommend it as a perfect snack, like 12g of protein in a 3oz serving. Plus, it’s cheap and versatile. Wrap it in lettuce with some tomatoes and peppers, or eat with whole wheat crackers or bread for a more filling snack pre or post-workout.

3. Greek Yogurt

During the manufacturing process of Greek yogurt, the milk is concentrated and the whey removed to leave a thicker, low-carb, protein-rich product. Add chopped nuts, seeds, fruit or granola to make a more filling snack.

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