17 Extremely Tasty, Satisfying High-Protein Snacks for When You’re On the Go

Snacks, glorious snacks.

4. Smoothies

Picture of banana smoothie

So, you’re out of protein powder or maybe you just don’t like the taste; whatevs! Luckily, you’re not out of options. Add banana, nuts or nut butter to milk to come up with a tasty protein rich snack you can enjoy on the go.

6. Seeds

Pumpkin, squash, sesame, sunflower, flax and chia seeds range from 16g to 29g of protein per 100g. Buy natural, uncoated, seeds to keep these nutrient rich snacks healthy and keep portion sizes under control. One ounce of mixed seeds will provide roughly 150 calories.

7. Nuts

different types of nuts

Nuts are an excellent way to get protein and good quality fats into your diet but only if you choose the unprocessed and unsalted variety. Peanuts, almonds and pistachios all contain over 20g of protein per 100g. Make your own combinations using one tbsp. of each type of nuts and add dried fruit or dark cacao nibs for a sweet yet healthy mid-afternoon treat. Keep serving sizes controlled by storing in a handy Tupperware so you don’t overeat. 1.5 oz. or 1/3 of a cup of mixed nuts is about 258 calories.

8. Cheese

Hard cheese

Remember when you were little and you got those cheese boxes? Upgrade by making your own healthy but still cool AF version. My favorite is a serving of cottage cheese with a drizzle of Thai sweet chili sauce and flaxseed crackers. A serving of your favorite cheese, (mozzarella, Swiss, goat’s cheese and cheddar have some of the highest protein contents after cottage cheese), with a serving of nuts or grapes and some whole wheat crackers will quench any hangry pangs in a hurry.

9. Protein shakes

There’s always going to be times when nothing will beat a mouthful of protein filled liquid. This is the time when there’s no shame in reaching for the stash of powder and whipping up a shake to have on the go. These days you can get many different types including gluten free and plant based protein powders.

10. Nut butters

different types of nut butters

You can go ol’ skool and rock it (natural no added sugar) peanut butter and (fruit juice sweetened) jelly on whole grain bread, or you can go low carb and stick that nut butter on apples or celery.

11. Cold Meats

Ham, cheese and tomato roll ups

Go for low-sodium cuts of deli meat like turkey, chicken or ham, place cheese, tomato or anything you fancy inside and roll.


No longer just for the preppy and Gwyneth Paltrow’s goopy followers, this is an easy snack for work. Pop into a container alongside some vegetable sticks, carrots, celery and edamame pea pods will fill you up until you get to your next meal.

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