17 Extremely Tasty, Satisfying High-Protein Snacks for When You’re On the Go

Snacks, glorious snacks.

12. Cheesy Kale Chips

While all your friends are chowing down on belly bloating potato chips, you can rightly feel smug with your homemade kale chips. Strip the leaves off the thick stalks of one bunch of kale, coat with one tbsp. olive oil and two tbsp. nutritional yeast (which will give the kale it’s cheesy taste) and bake at 325 for 15 minutes. Of course, if you’re a true gym rat, you’ll be eating these alone in a break room at work whilst simultaneously trying to check out yourself flexing in the microwave door.

13. Toasted Quinoa

Bowl of toasted quinoa

You don’t need to be a master chef to knock out a heavenly tasting snack. Mix 1/3 cup of quinoa, one tbsp. of shredded coconut, ½ tbsp. of ground flax and one tbsp. of maple syrup, toast for 10 minutes at 425 then try not to eat in one sitting.

14. Bean-and-Cheese Quesadilla

They’re so good even Nickleback (remember them) sang about eating them in “Rockstar.” Granted, he was getting them for free, but if you want to snack like a rockstar, warm a corn or whole wheat tortilla in a dry non-stick pan. Add ½ cup of black beans, one slice of cheddar cheese, one tbsp. of salsa and heat until cheese has melted then wrap and pack.

15. Protein Bites

Mix nut butter, honey, oats and dark chocolate chips and shape into balls ready for eating. Easy to make and easier to consume, take care not to eat too many in one sitting.

16. Roasted chickpeas

Make these up in a big batch so it’s easy to pop some in a handy container for when you’re on the go. Place one cup of chickpeas on a baking tray and coat with one tbsp. of olive oil and season to taste, using salt and pepper, garlic, cayenne pepper or paprika.

17. Healthy puppy chow

Bowl of puppy chow chex mix

For those who occasionally want to fool family and friends into believing we’re not secretly judging them for their shit diets and we’re just like them, try this combination. ¾ cup original Chex cereal coated with a melted mixture of ½ tbsp. honey, 1½ tbsp. peanut butter, 1½ tbsp. dark chocolate chips and dusted with ½ tbsp. vanilla protein power will deliver 10g of protein and the smugness that comes with knowing we’re pretty much better than everyone!

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