16 Hilarious Gym Fails Guaranteed To Make You Giggle

A for effort!

gym fail

What’s hilarious about weightlifting? Absolutely nothing. However, these people definitely change that. We are all guilty of gym fails, but these poor souls had theirs captured on film and posted all over the interwebs. Unfortunate for them, awesome for us. Whether they’re just clumsy, unlucky, cocky (natural section), oblivious, uninformed, or just straight up don’t care, you’ll certainly have a good giggle. And we sincerely hope no one was seriously injured in the making of these videos.

Here Are 16 Hilarious Gym Fails Guaranteed To Make You Giggle:

1. Dip it low, pick it up slow

2. A beautiful, majestic gazelle

3. He actually played it pretty cool at the end

4. First some deadlifts and then a nap

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