8 Insanely Sexy Physiques That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

These inspiring bods stop the show.


When you’re working toward your fitness goals, it’s nice to be reminded every now and then why you’re putting your body through so much. It’s not hard to lose a little motivation when you get burned out, so that’s why it’s important to have role models and peers who can inspire you to keep on going. Whether you feel like admiring some hot physiques just for the heck of it, or you honestly are craving motivation, here are some fitness pros that will leave you stunned.

  1. Victor Martinez

As an IFBB Pro, Victor Martinez has one of the best physiques in the business. He even hosts an IFBB show: Victor Martinez’s Legends. He placed second in the 2007 Mr. Olympia, and he won the Arnold Classic in the same year.

screen-shot-2016-12-27-at-14-44-242. Erica Cordie
This doughnut shop owner began body building after she suffered a bad knee injury caused by a horrible skiing accident. She began a routine to help her knee recover properly, and then she fell in love with weight training and bodybuilding. She’s a lifetime natural bodybuilder, and she currently lives in Florida.

3. Jonny Straws
Jonny Straws calls himself a “transformation specialist,” and he offers online personal training for anyone looking to shed a few pounds or serious bodybuilders. He’s a cancer survivor, and he continues to fight nephritis and stage four John Hodgkins disease, but his instagram posts are always great sources of inspiration.


4. Emily Duncan
She may only be 21, but Emma Duncan has already placed in the top five in bikini division national championships of the NPC. Her success isn’t all from competition, as she is an online coach for fitness, physique, nutrition and general wellness. She gives out helpful tips and progress updates on her vlogs as well.


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