8 Insanely Sexy Physiques That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

These inspiring bods stop the show.


5. Steve Cook
Steve Cook is an IFBB Pro and a USA physique winner. He’s also a vlogger and frequently posts trainer videos on his channel for all of his adoring fans and followers.


6. Noemi Olah
This four-time IFBB bikini olympian and three-time IFBB Pro champion is one of the hottest female bodybuilders to hit the scene. She offers online coaching and posing, and she’s constantly sharing her own protein-packed recipes.


7. CJ Koegel
This personal trainer is a Wilhelmina Model in New York City, Chicago, L.A., and Miami. He’s an Evolve Master Trainer, and does online coaching and posts several training videos on his channel.


8. Lauren Drain
This WBFF pro has put in nothing but hard work since her fitness journey began in 2014. She’s crafted her own programs as a personal trainer, which she sells on her website.

She’s not only a fitness success story, but also a registered nurse. She’s had a tough past, and authored a New York Times Best Seller. Lauren Drain is proof hard work and determination will get you where you want to be.

screen-shot-2016-12-27-at-14-33-33These bodybuilders and fitness competitors are normal people who have sculpted amazing bodies from their passion for healthy living and physical strength. They all have in common their willingness to share their techniques with other fitness freaks with their online training programs. Whether they are models, personal trainers, or only do fitness as a hobby they each have inspiring physiques that we could all aim for.

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