This Iranian Bodybuilder Was Arrested For Taking Non-Nude ‘Nudes’

Are you serious?


Our planet is a huge place in which you can find a variety of different people, traditions, religions, philosophies and beliefs. There are also many people who believe in something more deeply than others, and this is great, because it makes the world more interesting. However, some of these beliefs are strange, to say the least.

For instance, do you believe arresting an Iranian female bodybuilder after possibly publishing her gym photos online is a good or bad thing? If you believe it’s bad, or at least you don’t think it’s the best way to treat people, then there’s more to this story you should know about.

The primary reason this bodybuilder was arrested is because her photos were deemed to be “nude.” So, this woman, who was accused of breaking the Islamic Republic’s laws on nudity, has been locked in prison as she couldn’t pay the bail fee of two million rials (equal to about £50).

While the woman’s identity isn’t identified, many people believe she is Shirin Nobahari, who is one of two women who was in an international competition and was reported to have been warned about her photos that she posted on the internet afterward.

Her popular Instagram account, which contains many photos and videos of her showing off how she works out and shows her biceps proves she is really a serious bodybuilder. Yet, the Iranian judiciary’s own news agency doesn’t seem to care much about that and mentioned one of the female bodybuilders has been arrested because she published “nude” photos on social media.

To make it clear, in Iran, “nude” can refer to women even if they aren’t wearing a headscarf or reveal such parts of their body as legs and arms, which must be covered when they are in public.

But still, Iranian women are allowed to participate in international sporting events if they strictly respect Islamic laws on clothing. For example, Iranian female swimmers must wear head scarfs and full bodysuits, while football players must wear long sleeves and tracksuits. If they don’t accept these conditions, they aren’t allowed to participate even if they are the best female athletes in their country.

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