The Female Fear of Becoming Bulky Is a Myth, and Here’s Why

How hard do you really have to work to gain muscle?

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You hear it time and time again: “I don’t want to lift weights because I don’t want to look bulky.” The relationship between weight training and the “bulky” look is largely non-existent, unless you are doing more than what many won’t. A woman’s DNA is not designed to grow muscle and get shredded without a lot of work.

Tracy Anderson is notorious for warning against weightlifting as a work out technique because of the risk of getting too bulked-up. She’s been quoted saying women shouldn’t lift more than three pounds, and that your larger muscles tell the smaller muscles to “go to sleep.” In fact, she’s been quoted saying things like:

As you age, the stronger you make your bicep, the worse your skin (under your arm) is going to sag. You can’t ever get to it because the bicep is too overbearing.

So before you start believing Tracy, let’s check out the five things you should know about weight lifting:

1. There Is No Such Thing As Toning

Sculpting, contouring, and otherwise “toning” your body aren’t actual techniques. They are terms typically used by trainers to encourage their female clients that weight lifting is more than just gaining muscle.

Being toned is a popular term used for a female that is generally in good shape, and some muscle definition. You cannot simply sculpt, contour, or target a specific body part to tone. While you can work on lagging areas and target specific muscles, the whole “toned” movement is leading you to believe otherwise.

2. Lifting Weights Won’t Make You “Chubby”

Weight loss is all about having a healthy diet and getting enough physical exercise. Lifting weights can’t increase the fat you already have; your eating will.

Matched with a sensible diet, lifting weights helps create a slim, in shape, sexy body. The more lean muscle you have, the more calories you can burn. Lifting weights breaks down the muscles and burns calories, while what you do in the kitchen determines whether you build muscle or put on fat.

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