How LeBron James LOST 25 pounds and changed his GAME

Find out what todays top performers are using to skyrocket themselves into weightloss

How many times have we heard the infamous “eat your carbs speech” from our local high-school gym teacher?

The best thing to eat before you work out is carbs, right?

What would happen if we started to test the foundation on which a lot of us have built our bodybuilding careers? Maybe it’s time to give up carbs once and for all! And yeah bro, I mean ZERO carbs.

It’s time to say hello to the KETO diet!

Hello, Ketogenic Diet!

What is this ketogenic diet I keep hearing about? The ‘KETO diet’ is a high fat, high protein, incredibly low-carbohydrate diet. Sounds absolutely terrible right? It was pioneered in medicine and is used primarily to treat difficult-to-control epilepsy in children. This challenging diet forces our bodies to burn fats rather than carbs, putting us in a state of Ketosis.

What is ketosis?

The Ketogenic diet forces our bodies into a state of Ketosis. That means we convert body fat into our fuel instead of carbs. Burning fat? Sign me up!

It gets even better; ketosis has been linked to hundreds of other beneficial and scientifically backed studies as well.

  1. Extremely rapid weight loss
  2. Improved cognitive abilities
  3. Mental disease and cancer prevention
  4. Stress reduction

With all these obvious benefits, it’s a mystery why all meatheads don’t follow a strict Meat and Fat diet. After all, it’s meatheads, not carbheads. Plus, meatheads definitely need help in the brain department.


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