How Millennials Are Doing Fitness Differently

The future of fitness

A brief scroll through the fitness hashtags on Instagram will tell you all you need to know about how millennials get fit. From before-and-after selfies to brand name workout wear, millennials are making fitness a fashion trend.

Here are the top ten most popular fitness trends of 2016:

1. Anti-Diet is the New Diet

Mainstream fitness brands are changing their tunes to a more body positive mantra. Lean Cuisine launched a campaign called “#WeighThis,” which encourages women to weigh their accomplishments instead of their body weight. There is a similar change overtaking Weight Watchers with Oprah’s help. Weight Watchers ditched the counting calories thing and is now focusing more on super foods and supporting the healthy lifestyle choices of women.

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2. Mindset Over Thigh Size

In the midst of modern trends, a new fitness philosophy is emerging. It’s no longer about slimming down to fit the jeans you wore in high school. Instead, fitness is being looked at holistically. Millennials are asking: How does fitness improve my mood, my concentration, and my mental health? In March 2015, Lena Dunham posted a picture of herself to Instagram during her Tracy Anderson workout. She talked about how exercise has helped her cope with anxiety. It isn’t about being skinny anymore; it’s about being happy.


3. InstaFitness

Everyone remembers watching those Jillian Michaels’ tapes while working out on the living room floor. Now, personal trainers and workout plans are a finger-touch away. Instagram has become an entire network for¬†personal trainers to get their plans and products out there while racking up some followers. More than four million people follow Kayla Itsines and her “personal training journey” on Instagram. They call themselves #Kaylasarmy and are obsessed with her fitness advice.


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