Ladies, Get Your Sexy Back In The Bedroom

Are you really “too tired?”

We have all been there. You know when you are not in the mood, and you say, “Sorry, honey, just not tonight. Tomorrow, okay?” Everyone always says once you get married, your sex life goes out the door. Have you ever stopped to ask why? Have you ever thought about the effect it has on your spouse or you? Have you ever thought to yourself, I wish I were in the mood more! Let me tell you something: YOU CAN BE! You just have to see what is truly wrong.


Most of the time, your excuse is that you are tired. Moms, you probably feel dead after a long day at the office, juggling the kids, and working out. And it’s true, skimping on shut-eye lowers your sex drive. So, when it comes time for bed, you might think, ok, tonight I will provide for the hubby. But then you hit the pillow and lights out for you! You’re fast asleep, no chance it’s happening this evening. Your husband or boyfriend may expect it that night. And when it doesn’t happen, it’s a letdown.


A lot of women think they have a low sex drive compared to their spouses, but when you look deeper into the problem, you can find that it has nothing to do with your drive. It has to do with your self-esteem. If you feel down and not at the top of your game, it usually trickles down into other parts of your life. Your social life, your work, and your sex life usually take the blow. Many men seem to have a higher sex drive than women. And hormones aren’t the only reason. It’s also because they don’t usually look as deep into themselves as women do.


We worry about so many things before makin’ whoopee:

Lose the ponytail, not sexy.

Check the breath.

I wonder if I’m letting it get a little too out of control down there. Should I do a quick scape over the pubes?

Do I smell okay? Maybe I should hop in the shower.

I look so bloated. I shouldn’t have eaten so much.

My legs are getting a little too prickly.

Am I wearing cute/sexy underwear or period underwear?

He is definitely going to see that zit right in the middle of my face.


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