Learn This To Activate Desired Muscles

Wouldn’t you like to decrease injuries?

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The greatest investment one can make is into their body. Enough said, right?

To reach your full potential in the gym, you need to understand some core techniques required to develop a mind-muscle connection. Muscle activation training, or MAT, helps you develop a strong communication between your mind, and your muscles.

So let’s get to the juicy details… If you have a joint with a weak muscle, your brain will signal for the other muscles around the joint to tighten up for safety. The actual problem occurs when only a portion of the muscles around that joint get activated. That particular set of muscles around the joint will be stressed and exhausted, while those that aren’t activated will work very little.

Learning about muscle activation techniques can help you identify and target needy muscles, and make them more responsive. This means the stress will be evenly distributed over all muscles. Muscle activation therapy has been gaining popularity and has been proven to be beneficial. It helps relieve pain as well as tackling any muscle weakness.

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But before we jump into revealing the exercises that help with muscle activation, let’s go over five benefits you’ll enjoy when starting muscle activation training.

1. Helps Boost Strength

You’ll be taught how to get stronger and overcome your weaknesses. The majority of MAT trainers know that people with poor muscle coordination are not working at their full potential.

Helps in Boosting Strength

For example, if only 50% of your muscles are firing properly, you could essentially double your strength if you utilize MAT.

2. Develops A Better Brain-Muscle Coordination


Developing better brain-muscle coordination is crucial to your performance. MAT helps to develop better brain-muscle coordination and tells your body to use the strongest muscles for support. You will be able to do things much faster, and with better coordination.

3. Increases Flexibility

Poor muscle flexibility can potentially send the wrong feedback to your brain, and as a result, your range of motion might be hindered to a particular spot. MAT helps to increase flexibility and broadens that range of motion.

4. Prevents Injuries

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Increased stability in your joints will keep your muscles and tendons safer. Enjoy the benefits of strengthening and stabilizing your joints for improved stability and balance. Your ACLs will thank you.

5. Enjoy Less Pain

Fitness experts say that pain usually results from long-term muscle dysfunction. The communication between your brain and your muscles will improve while your strength increases. This enhanced communication loop helps to decrease pain from imbalances.

Less Pain

That being said, here are some good exercises that you can perform at the gym for maximum muscle movement and activation.

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