This Guy Has Lost so Much Weight He Needed Surgery to Remove His Skin

From a stressed youngster to a professional powerlifter.


There are many people who start going to the gym because they want to lose weight. Some of them wish to decrease their weight by 10, 20 or sometimes as much as 50 pounds. However, Jordan Grahm, a young man who had a difficult adolescence, was capable of losing almost 200 pounds.

While it may sound incredible, his journey to success wasn’t easy. Everything started in 2008 when Grahm almost died in a car crash, breaking his wrist and enduring a wreck that separated his shoulder. At that moment, he weighed almost an astonishing 400 pounds.

At the day of the incident, five guys were needed just to lift him up on the stretcher. This was the moment when Grahm decided he needed to change his lifestyle. Of course, he realized it wouldn’t be easy, because he was completely out of shape.

But at the same time, he knew if he continued his old lifestyle, which was filled with depression, overeating and traumas from the past, then he would have died due to poor health anyway.

After Grahm fully healed, he started exercising by walking for one mile every morning with his dog. While it sounds like an easy walk for a regular person, Grahm admitted it was not an easy task for him to do.

After returning home, he always felt pain all over his body. But he didn’t stop believing in himself and continued these painful one-mile walks. After walking for one mile became easier, Grahm started running four miles six times per week and lost as much as 100 pounds without doing any other exercises.

As he slowly developed his self-confidence, he decided to join the gym. While he was still overweight, he realized he shouldn’t care about what people think about him in the gym and do his best to further decrease his weight.

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