Not Your Average Fairytale: 100 Pounds To Happiness

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I could sit here and talk about an everyday fairytale of women who lose a ton of weight and become fitness models, but that isn’t the case here. Meet Crystal Andrus Morissette, a former fitness model who took a completely different route.


Yes we know, it’s inspiring seeing overweight women achieve their weight loss goals and become something they never thought imaginable, as this shows hard work and determination. We can’t deny this, but Crystal brings us another type of story. Crystal’s life was not all fun and games. As a child, she went through her parents’ divorce, sexual abuse, and rape. At 15, she was a homeless teen and sleeping around just to get by, which is how she lived until she was 18-years-old.

This former fitness model and homeless teen had learned at an early stage, food and shelter were the necessities of life. At 18-years-old, her life took a turn for the better, and she ended up taking on a couple of retail jobs, moved into a place of her own, and began to live large with a career in modeling. Crystal was attracted to modeling because it made her feel like a sex object like she did when she was homeless. She related with parading her body on stage and getting judged for it. It worked for her, at the time.