8 Signs You’re Definitely Out of Shape

Stop making excuses

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4. You are more tired than usual after a work out

Normally, you feel a little tired after a workout, and sometimes there is soreness the next day. This is not the same as feeling exhausted as soon as you wake up or not being able to move because you’re so sore. Usually, this is because you’ve used up all of your glycogen storage and you have no energy left.


5. Your resting heart rate is higher than normal

Normal, healthy adults usually have a resting heart rate of between 60 and 100 beats per minute (BPM). When you do frequent aerobic exercise, your heart rate should be significantly slower. If your heart rate is racing when you are at rest, that could mean you are really out of shape.


6. It takes a long time for your heart rate to slow down

When you exercise, your heart rate can increase anywhere from 140 to 190 beats per minute, and when you finish your work out, your heart rate should decrease by 20 beats per minutes until it returns to a normal rate. If it takes much longer time than just a few minutes, these could also signal you are out of shape.


7. You rely on caffeine to keep you awake

When you feel tired and decide to take a nap instead of working out, you’re not exactly doing your body favors. If you only have time for a nap that is less than two hours, there is a chance you will wake up right when you start a REM sleep cycle and feel even more tired than before, resorting to coffee or energy drinks to keep you awake. Exercise is beneficial for circulation in the body, and it releases hormones that give you natural energy.


8. You keep making excuses

If you haven’t been to the gym in two months, there’s a chance you’re getting out of shape. Once you stop going, it becomes extremely easy to continue making excuses for why you can’t get started back up on your fitness regime. Starting up is the hardest part of the commitment, so it’s easy to keep putting it off.


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