Pornstars Learning MMA Is Every Bit As Dirty As It Sounds

Armbars have never been so fun.

Needless to say many students out there will have taken more from this nine-minute video than they might have in 10 years of sparring in a gym—and it’s not likely to be due to Larkin’s profound knowledge.

That being said, Larkin is a valuable tutor in the field given he’s coming off the back of a TKO victory over Neil Magny in August and is searching for new prospects outside the Ultimate Fighting Championship as a free agent.

In fairness, the unwanted attention pornstars undoubtedly receive in their day-to-day means it’s probably a good idea for women like Benz and Amber to engage in some form of self-defence in any case.

Moves like the push kick and the jab are quick, easy-to-learn moves that just about anyone can develop into a force with fairly minimal practice. However, just as is the case with CrossFit, it’s imperative you learn from someone who knows what they’re talking about and can impact reliable wisdom that’s not pulled out of MMA 101: A Dummy’s Guide to Mixed Martial Arts.

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This might have started out as a tongue-in-cheek examination of two adult film actresses simply working another day in front of camera, but the information provided is actually extremely valuable to anyone—not just women hoping to avoid danger on the street.

Play safe out there, kids, and remember: a kick to the groin is never a kick too far under the right circumstances.

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