Listen To These 6 Signs To Prevent A Fatal Heart Attack

Most signs are present a month before it happens.

heart attack

5. Weakness

It’s a major sign of a future heart attack in the near. You feel weak even though you’ve been on a healthy diet. Basically, your arteries become narrow and prevent the proper circulation of blood throughout the body.


As a result of this, your muscles are deprived of the blood they need and causes you to fall. If you are experiencing unusual weakness and muscle fatigue, get yourself checked by a doctor immediately.

6. Fatigue


Lastly, fatigue like tiredness and drowsiness even after proper sleep and rest is an indication of a heart attack. It means that there is a major loss of blood flow to your heart and it has to work under stress in order to push the blood to your body.


Having recognized any of these symptoms and then getting them treated by an expert can possibly save yours or someone else’s life. You shouldn’t wait for the symptoms to get worse and immediately get yourself checked by a doctor.

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