Your Daily Protein Shake May Cause Your Body Harm

How Much Protein To Take Daily

In the world of fitness, we all use protein shakes but many times I’ve been asked by people, “Should I take supplements for better health and to achieve fitness goals?” Indirectly, people want to know about the most widely used protein supplement.

protein shake

Not to mention, whey protein is one of the most common in the market and inside every gym bag, however; casein, creatine, pea protein and rice protein powders are also available.

What’s a Protein Shake?

Apparently, seems like a silly question but still many of us are unaware of what really is a protein shake.

A lot of people have the misconception of these shakes being steroids and to some extent, it’s also used as a fake marketing tactic. Beware!

protein shake

A protein shake is basically a source of pure nutrients and they don’t have any direct effect on your hormones as opposed to steroids. Few people also have a confusion between mass gainer and protein shakes. Mass gainers are basically a large source of carbs delivered directly to your muscles while protein shakes deliver amino acids to your muscle cells.

Which Protein Should You Use?

One of the most common and popular protein is whey protein powder. It has all the nine essential amino acids that your muscles need to recover and grow.

protein shake

There are further three types of whey protein:

  1. Isolate: These yield high level of protein and low levels of allergenic. Perfect for lactose intolerant.
  2. Hydrolysate: It’s produced in such a way that it has already been predigested. The rate of absorption is super-fast, which means more benefits.
  3. Concentrate: The cheapest form you’ll find in the market but has significant fat and cholesterol levels.

The serious athletes use the hydrolysate and not to mention that it’s the most expensive of all.

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