Should You Eat Red Meat?

What do you think the answer is?

Red meat very often gets a bad rep by doctors, vegans, nutritionists, vegetarians and animal lovers alike. They all seem to say that red meat is bad and it’s murder (tasty murder) and that it will give you all kinds of cancer, high cholesterol, and other health problems. However, there’s a flipside to all this.

There’s also a fairly high amount of doctors and nutritionists who also claim that despite eating red meat is ethically questionable, there’s nothing wrong with it. This argument almost always comes down to if you like eating dead animals or not.

 It’s Ok To Eat Red Meat

So, strictly from a nutrition standpoint, is eating red meat good for you? Well, it’s a bit more complicated. For years there have been studies linking red meat to everything from colon cancer to high cholesterol, with the arguments for eating meat being “it’s high in nutrients.”

The controversial and outspoken Youtuber “Vegan Gains” has made it his life’s mission to educate people on eating non-animal products and showing people the dangers of red meat.

That’s some pretty scary stuff, but is all true? Well, a very thorough recent study found no correlation between high cholesterol and red meat consumption. Conducting that as far as a heart issue goes, you’re good to eat red meat.

But what about all that other stuff, what about cancer? Depends on whose agenda you want to believe, really. There are some studies claiming no relationship between colon cancer and red meat, while others prophesize your demise if you continue consuming it.

The recommended intake of red meat from The American Institute for Cancer Research is 17 ounces per week. This means you can eat a juicy three-ounce steak six times per week.

Your best bet is to keep your red meat intake to a minimum, despite the studies being all over the place, it is believed that eating a lot of red meat can cause irritation and inflammation, which COULD potentially cause troubles for your body.

So with all that in mind, are there any benefits to eating red meat?

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