The Rock Surprises Purple Heart US Veteran With A 2018 Ford Mustang

Rewarding the deserving.

Army veterans arguably sacrifice the most for their countries. While this can be debated, Ford went out of their way and honored a Purple Heart recipient with a 2018 Ford Mustang. To sweeten things up, Ford invited their ambassador to do the honors.

Ford has a ‘Go Further’ award where they honor deserving people. This time around they decided to award Marlene Rodriguez, a combat veteran who put in three tours of duty in Iraq. She is also a huge fan of The Rock.

While The Rock loves to work out and keep people entertained, he doesn’t miss out on a chance to honor and help veterans. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is loved and admired by people around the world due to his humbleness.

This wasn’t like any other marketing campaign. Ford decided to launch the fresh 2018 Mustang this way. It was this moment when the world got the first look at the new version of this iconic muscle car. Mustang has been a favorite amongst car enthusiast since its introduction in 1962.

Dwayne Johnson became the ambassador of Ford in 2015 as their Lead of Specialists. Since then he has starred in various ads and TV commercials for Ford. Ford has always kept The Rock handy for big moments like these.

The Rock Surprises Purple Heart US Veteran With A 2018 Ford Mustang

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