Secrets To Building Muscles As An Ectomorph

Struggling to build muscle? Check out these tips

Even though I wasn’t one but I know it’s quite annoying when every other person in or outside the gym tells you to ‘eat more’.

In this article, I will guide the ectomorphs on how to get the ideal nutrition and training to get on track to bulk up.


Needless to say, bodybuilding is an art of building and refining your muscles. Focusing on the compound exercises not only bulks you up but also hits your muscles from different angles. You’re not only building muscles but also focusing on sculpting your body and improving the posture.

However, for an ectomorph body type, it’s like a huge struggle. Let’s learn about the ectomorphs and how you can follow a nutrition and training plan to get the ideal bulk you want.

What is an Ectomorph?

An ectomorph is one of the body types that is usually known as a thin frame and has difficulties gaining muscles and fat no matter what you eat. These individuals are usually lean, skinny and have a very high metabolic rate.


Much worse, even if these people are allowed to eat unhealthy food with a sedentary lifestyle, they only gain belly fat but their legs and arms will stay unhealthy and thin as before.

Other Characteristics of Ectomorph

The main reason as to why ectomorph body types remain thin is due to the research that during strength training, their body produces very low levels of myogenin proteins and it is the core ingredient for the development of muscles. This is what hinders the muscle growth.


Moreover, the low muscle mass, the myogenin deficiency also limits its energy reserves in the muscles which also prevents to train hard and intense. And this is the core reason as to why the muscles never grow.

Is It Good To Be Ectomorph?

Well, if you are an ectomorph, you’ll definitely struggle to put up the bulk but you also have the liberty of eating more, such as junk and processed food. And due to the very high metabolic rate, even if you gain the belly fat, you can easily shed it off and get ripped abs. In simple, once you have the bulk, getting the lean muscle mass and shredding the body is quite easy.

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