Secrets To Building Muscles As An Ectomorph

Struggling to build muscle? Check out these tips

Training Errors To Avoid As An Ectomorph


  • Too many weight lifting session: A big NOPE! If you are an ectomorph, doing two or three weight lifting session are good but, if you are doing 5-6, it’ll cause muscle depletion and you should avoid this.
  • Too much cardio: It’s ok to do cardio if have the belly fat but being an ectomorph and going crazy running will suck the energy out of your muscles. You’ll already skinny and doing too much cardio will make things even worse.
  • Not sleeping enough: Your muscles need rest to recover and grow. If you stay awake until midnight, it will have a negative effect on your muscles. Consider sleeping at least 7-8 hours a day.


How can you build muscles?

Your training routine should be mapped around some basic moves like chin ups, squats, bench press and shoulder press. Eliminate the isolation exercises. They aren’t good for muscle development.


I do recommend doing the compound exercise but that too with low weights and low rep range, usually 6-8 reps at max.

Diet Suggestions

When it comes to diet for an ectomorph, I say fucking don’t count the calories and pounce on the food. However, eat healthy and keep a low hand on the junk food and sweets. You should add lean meats, low-fat dairy, eggs, carbs and protein shakes to your diet.

Best Muscle Building Supplement Recommendations for Ectomorphs

  1. Protein Shakes: You can buy whey protein of any flavor you like and combine it with your meals throughout the day. Best is to consume after your workout for recovery and growth. Check out our protein suggestions here.
  2. BCAA: These deliver all the energy your muscles and body need to sustain. Check out our BCAA suggestions here.
  3. Creatine: It enhances the volume of muscle cells and provides energy. Check out our creatine suggestions here.

Just remember, keep the training intensity low, focus on basic exercises and eat, eat, eat but healthy.

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