Work Your Abs While Standing With These 5 Easy Exercises

Which exercises are new to you?

standing ab exercises

4. Frankenstein Kicks

Never heard of these? You’re supposed to look like Frankenstein walking.

Start out standing straight and bring your feet together. Bring both of your arms out straight, tighten your core, and then kick your leg up to your hands.

This is just like the move little kids make to try to see who kicks higher. You can alternate legs or do all 12 reps per leg, whichever you prefer.

Strive for three sets of 12 for each leg.

5. West Side Crunches

deep squat

This exercise is great for opening up your hips, building a stronger and more sturdy squat base, and really taxes your abs.

Drop into a deep squat position, placing the load on your glutes and hamstrings. Bring your hands up into a goalpost position (or Beavis’ cornholio if you know what that is) and do a twisting crunch. The goal is to touch your elbows to your knees, or at least as close as you can.

Alternate reps back and forth and do two sets of 20.

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Wrapping It Up

Look, training abs sucks. No one wants to roll around on a dirty floor and do crunches all day, so why not try this?

Along with your abs, you’re training other stabilizer muscles and you are giving yourself a more agile and athletic physique.

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