Stop Judging the Gym Floor After Reading This Facebook Post

An addition to the common New Year fitness resolution.


It’s the New Year, and one of the most common resolutions is going to the gym, getting fit, and losing weight! Everyone who already holds a membership probably saw their gym floor as SRO (standing room only) this past week.

No room on the stretching mats, the treadmills are all taken, somebody random took your “spot” in the fitness class you’ve been religious about for years, there is nowhere to leave your car, and the list goes on. The extra people can be so annoying, and in a few weeks, they will either go away, or some will actually stay and commit.

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Don’t be so fast to judge these rookies or even judge those people who you see on the floor constantly. Everyone goes to the gym for their own reasons. For many, it’s therapy and to clear their head.

Take a look around the floor or your fitness class and see the variety. Embrace it; don’t judge as you do not know what their body and mind has been/is going through. The gym floor is not the middle school cafeteria.

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Lifting belts are often for back support, not because people want to look tough. Maybe the big guy is nursing a back injury; maybe the strong woman pulled something getting her screaming toddler into the car seat. Maybe one of them slept wrong?

The tall guy with the super thin legs, maybe his knee replacement does not allow him to have strong leg days. He could have come a long way already, and climbing a few flights of stairs a day is his triumph.

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What about the skinny girl who you think starves herself? Perhaps she is battling an old eating disorder and works with a nutritionist to gain the right weight the right way because she wants to be strong enough to have a baby. Or maybe she’s lucky with a high metabolism but wants more female curves, because she wants to feel sexy and more confident.

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