Stop Judging the Gym Floor After Reading This Facebook Post

An addition to the common New Year fitness resolution.

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The woman almost standing on top of you in your group fitness class; maybe she is following your lead because you know what you are doing and she likes to follow you when the instructor walks the room.

The young guy taking too long on the equipment you want? Maybe he gets to the gym twice a week because he is a young dad working three jobs with a baby at home and just needs the extra time to clear his head between sets.

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The older people at the gym who love to talk about nothing….. maybe they joined because flexibility is a major key to aging and because they are lonely and the gym provides them with a social outlet.

Talking to you could bring an extra smile to their face because maybe you look like their grandson who lives across the country they hardly see. You will be old, too, one day.

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Judging what people wear, how they work out, or how they look is not what the gym is for. Judge the right way, after you get to know them. The gym floor is for everyone to utilize their way. Don’t assume you know why they are there.

Spending more time at the gym focusing on you will pay off in the end. After all, that is why you go and it’s a great addition to the common fitness New Year resolution!

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