Strong Like a…Girl? Meet The Women Who Can Throw Around 300+lbs



As a man, there’s nothing more humbling than seeing a women put up impressive numbers (especially when it’s your bench PB they’re smashing). Many women don’t realize they’re capable of great physical feats, either because society has told them they can’t…or from fear of being “huge.”

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What a lot of women need to know is strength training does not result in developing a crazy amount of muscle mass or manly boulder shoulders. Doing squats, deadlifts and bench pressing will not result in you looking like a walking anatomy chart. Strength training will only result in you becoming more shapely, strong and athletic.

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The reason female bodybuilders look so unfeminine is because many are shooting up with testosterone. As long as you stay natural, there’s virtually no chance your weekly deadlifts will result in you having veins on your abs.

Women lack the testosterone needed to gain a large amount of muscle or maintain extremely low levels of body fat percentage. This means you’re safe from the man gains!

In order to motivate you gals to throw aside your worries and follow your strength training dreams, SpotMeGirl has put together a list of four women who make us feel like weaklings.

Get motivated, and get lifting!

1. Jennifer Thompson

Those plates were very real. You just saw a 5’5”, 138-pound women bench press an EASY 325. Thompson is an American powerlifter who holds the world record in the raw bench press, and raw total (1071lbs). Thompson competes in the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) and has been powerlifting since 1999.

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Besides being a savage in the gym, Thompson is a high school math teacher and mother of two young boys. What luck those boys have! Their mother can bench 325! She gave them some crazy genetics. Lets just hope her husband is not a string bean.

2. Bev Francis

Francis did it all. She was a professional bodybuilder, powerlifter and national shotput champion of Australia. She put up numbers grown men envy and was the first woman to ever bench more than 300 pounds. At the 181 weight class, Francis squatted 500, benched 335 and deadlifted 501.

Over the course of her lifting career, Francis broke more than 40 world powerlifting records and was inducted into the International Powerlifting Federation Hall of Fame in 1987. After her lifting career, Francis moved to bodybuilding, starring in the film Pumping Iron II: The Women and competed for many years in the Ms. Olympia bodybuilding contest.

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