The Top 10 Strongest Women Throughout History

These ladies lifted their way to the top

These famous female lifters have shaped the course of history for women by proving weightlifting is not just for the boys. These fabulously jacked ladies forged an inspirational route for strong women while lifting their way to the top.

Throughout history, women have lifted weights and smashed records of men’s heavy lifting, but the IWF didn’t agree to control Women’s Weightlifting until 1983. Since 1997, when the World’s Strongest Woman competition was established, weightlifting women have been gaining attention from all around the world. Take a moment to check out these extraordinarily strong women throughout history.

Here Are The Top 10 Strongest Women Throughout History:

1. Judy Glenney

Glenney was lifting when it first became competitive for women in America. She participated in the first official American National Women’s Meet in 1981 held in Waterloo, Iowa and overseen by USA Weightlifting. She is the winner of 11 gold medals in national championships for weightlifting. Her best lifts: clean and jerk at 215 pounds and snatch at 182 pounds. In 1989, she authored the book So You Think You Want To Be A Female Weightlifter, as well as a series of articles throughout the mid-1980s on olympic lifting techniques for women.


judy glenney

2. Abbye “Pudgy” Stockton

Stockton was born in 1917 and became a pioneer of women’s weightlifting in the 1940s. She toured the Los Angeles area, performing a hand-balancing act. The 115-pound woman, standing at 5’2, would lift her husband right above her head in adjoining handstands for extended periods of time. Her nickname, “The Queen of Muscle Beach.” In 1944, she wrote a monthly column for Strength and Health called “Barbelles,” where she would give women advice on strength training and lifting. She encouraged ladies to be fit in an era where muscular women were considered “too masculine.”



3. Aneta Florczyk

Polish female athlete and famous Strongwoman, Aneta Florczyk began powerlifting at the age of 16. After winning multiple Polish Championships, she won the European Championship in 2000. She broke the 500-kilogram powerlifting record as a Polish athlete and has only been training on Strongmen and Strongwoman equipment since 2002. And just two years later, in 2004, she won the World’s Strongest Woman in Zambia. Shortly after, winning the same title in Ireland. This chick has won the World’s Strongest Woman competition more than any other woman in history!



4. Chen Wei Ling

101-pound Ling can lift over four times her body weight and set the world record for squat and deadlift in the 2009 Olympic Games. The year prior, she had won a bronze medal in Beijing. The Taiwanese lifter deadlifted 430 pounds and squatted a whopping 457 pounds, thereby breaking the world record. Holy Crap!


chen wei ling

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