According To Science, Swole Bros Have A Lower Sex Drive

Should you stop working out and save your sex life?

A lot has been said about how exercise can positively affect your everyday life. Curious scientists have gone a step further and researched how working out can affect your libido. The results are no less than shocking.

The results will make the non-lifters get a gym membership and will give the gym regulars a sense of accomplishment. At the same time, there is some bad news for the hardcore lifters. Science has shown that jacked men have a lower sex drive.

Swole Bros Have A Lower Sex Drive, Science Says

Researchers from the University of North Carolina conducted a survey of about 1,100 physically active men – most of whom were professional athletes. These men were then asked about their fitness routines and their desire to have sex.

The scientists then categorized these men according to the intensity of their workouts. It was found men with light to moderate workout routines had a higher libido than the men who had hard and grueling workouts.

Lower Testosterone

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A major reason for this finding can be blamed on low testosterone levels among men who train hard. Muscle exhaustion can lead to a lower sex drive due to chronic muscle fatigue. This type of acute fatigue is not cured just by rest.

This explains, to an extent, why men with an intense workout schedule don’t have the same desire to have sex as their counterparts. You can’t expect yourself to perform well in the gym and in the bed; you have to choose between the two.

Based on the findings of this study, the professors have also urged fertility experts to ask both women and men how much they exercise.

Just like with energy levels, there is a natural dip in the testosterone levels in men after an exhausting workout. Now that you’ve found this out, are you going to take it easy with your workout routine?

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