These 13 Tips Will Make You Lose Belly Fat in Record Time

These hacks are time and life savers.


The majority of people join a gym to lose weight, but most of them shortly end up losing faith in the entire process. Lack of knowledge and proper guidance is a big hurdle stopping them from achieving their dream physique.

Belly fat can be one of the hardest to get rid of, especially if this fat has come from long evenings at the bar with your buddies. Not only is body fat visually unappealing but is also of the biggest causes of health problems.

Use These 13 Tips To Loose Belly Fat in Record Time

Excess fat and unhealthy habits are credited with being the reasons for serious health problems like type two diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, etc. Before you get too anxious about your condition, use these 13 tips to lose belly fat in record time:

1. Consume Protein Throughout The Day

You need to ramp up your protein intake. Not only is protein a great tool for building muscle but is also incredibly effective in helping burn body fat. Protein has a high thermogenic effect, which means it’s harder for your body to absorb protein as compared to other macronutrients.

This high thermogenic effect of protein makes your body burn more energy and calories in its digestion, helping you lose weight and fat.

2. Start Your Days With Fats

Use These 13 Tips To Lose Belly Fat in Record Time

This can sound counter-intuitive but if you’re looking to burn fat throughout the day you need to have fatty foods first thing in the morning. Having fat rich foods signal your body to use fat as the main fuel source for the entire day,

3. Hypertrophy is the Way To Go

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Hypertrophy exercises are a great way to keep your heart rate up throughout your workouts. In hypertrophy workouts, you perform a higher number of reps (12-15) with minimum rest between sets. This kicks up your metabolism, burning fat in the process. Also, make sure you’re working out regularly.

4. Stay Away From Processed Food

What you put in your body is the biggest determinant of what you’ll look like.You need the right food to support your workouts. Processed foods are the worst you can feed yourself. As is said in the fitness industry: “Don’t eat it if it’s on the TV.”

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