10 Awesome Holiday Gifts for Chicks Who Lift

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A girl who could probably bench press you, what do you buy her for Christmas? The correct answer is “whatever she wants,” but if you’re still feeling clueless, here are a few ideas to help get you started.

10 Perfect Holiday Gifts For The Chick In Your Life Who Lifts:


10. Reebok Women’s Crossfit Lifter 2.0 Training Shoe

714GrT8AFLL._UX695_Finding a stylish pair of shoes that are comfortable to wear when lifting can be an utter nightmare. Thankfully, Reebok has come up with a solution: the Reebok Women’s Crossfit Lifter 2.0 Training shoe!

These shoes are awesome because they’re available in other six different colors, and the anti-friction lining will help keep feet dry and comfortable through a rough workout.

9. Isobag Meal Management System

There is nothing worse than toting around all your healthy snacks only to find that one of your protein shakes has spilled all over the inside of your gym bag. Now, all your gym clothes are sticky and reek of chocolate.

Spillage no more! The Isobag Meal Management System is a compact compartmentalized lunch box for grownups that comes in two sizes, three or six meal. It comes with containers to hold individual meals and snacks with compartments for supplements. Best of all, the two-sided pouches are there to hold your protein shakes upright to prevent leakage! It’s a win-win, and perfect for any chick who lifts.

8. PowerBlock Personal Trainer Set

Sometimes you just can’t get to the gym. We’re all super busy with work, school, family, and life! And once in a while, squeezing in a lift sesh can be tough.

The PowerBlock Personal Trainer set is a compact workout tool perfect for a quick at-home workout. Each weight can be adjusted from 2 to 50 pounds.

7. Custom Yoga Mat

Yoga can be a great complement to lifting since it encourages strength and flexibility. Even if you don’t do yoga on a regular basis, a sturdy yoga mat is a great thing to have around. It will keep you off the dirty floor when reppin’ out a few crunches or push-ups.

Why not customize a yoga mat for your lady friend this Christmas?

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