How Often Should You Train Your Abs?

Best Abs Workout Routine

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Those shredded six pack abs take a lot of hard work and patience combined with a healthy diet. To be honest, it’s one of those muscle groups in your body that demands the most effort to build-up. However, the confusion here is how often one should be training his/her abs?


According to the American Council on Exercise, you must rest for at least 24 hours between your ab workouts for an ideal recovery and growth. Doing an abdominal workout daily can result in burnout and even injury. Below we explain the best way to train your abs.

How Often Should I Train Abs?

Having those solid and sexy six pack abs are great for impressing someone and they also give your spine better support. This means a stronger core means a safer back.


What we commonly observe that people at the gym who are on a quest of developing abs, train their abs too much, and too hard, thinking that it’ll help. This overtraining puts too much stress on your core and with no rest in between the workout days will eventually result in an injury.

What’s an ideal workout routine for abs?

The ideal workout for abs is three times a week after your routine workout. So, to make it simple here is a plan you can follow throughout the week:


  • Monday: Workout > Training your abs
  • Tuesday: Workout > Rest
  • Wednesday: Workout > Abs training
  • Thursday: Workout > Rest
  • Friday: Workout > Abs Training
  • Saturday: Workout > Rest
  • Sunday: Optional > Rest

Training like this will give proper rest to your ab muscles so they will grow and get stronger.

Important to note here: From a muscle tissue perspective, your abs are entirely different from other muscles of the body. They demand ultra-high reps and small training variables such as sets, reps, intensity, tempo and frequency.

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