The Ultimate 30-Day Burpee Challenge to Take You From Zero to Hero

A full body, no-equipment-needed calorie burner.


The humble burpee is the Donald Trump of exercises. You love them, loathe them, or do them because the alternatives seem even more unappealing. Trainers and boot camp leaders are so evangelical about them, it’s as though they sell the sweat and tears of those they train by the gallon. Burpees even instil fear in the hearts of those who rush in where angels wouldn’t tread: CrossFitters.

Dear Lord Jesus please tell my trainer no more burpees

Yet it may surprise you to learn burpees aren’t the love child of a relationship between an evil horned being and some sadistic tyrant. Despite being responsible for more sick than the amount of alcohol it takes to make a fitchick fall for a non-lifter, it’s quite the opposite. Love them or hate them, they are the undisputed champion of body weight exercises. Do them correctly, and you will work every major muscle in your body.


Muscles used in burpees

There are many other benefits, which include getting your heart racing like a naked Ryan Reynolds is in your bed! Adding them into your fitness routine will make you stronger and burn a buttload of calories. And the best part is you don’t need any special equipment; you can do them anywhere, like on the beach, on holiday or your cell in prison.

To execute a basic burpee is quite straightforward and can be broken down into four discernible parts.

  1. From standing, get into a squat position.
  2. Put hands on the floor and kick legs back so you end up in the press up position and lower yourself to the ground.
  3. Do a press up and then jump legs forward back into squat position.
  4. Do a squat jump.

Basic burpee

You may well be able to squat your bodyweight or run marathons like all your personal demons are chasing you, but can you do 100 burpees without dying? Can you do them in four to six minutes? If the answer is no, then you need to get working so you too can earn your burpee stripes and be up there with elite athletes.

You know the old adage, if you want to get good at something you’ve got to do more of it? No? Well, maybe I made it up. However, it’s still true. For that reason, check your ego at the door, grab a friend, and try a 30-day burpee challenge. You can incorporate it into your existing daily workouts, or use it as a stand-alone workout.

Taking Burpees to the Next Level

Burpee with a back flip

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