How Many Miles Per Week Should You Walk to Lose Weight?

If you’re no gym rat, walking might work for you.


Why does your goal weight always seem unattainable? Probably because when you think of losing weight, images of doing endless aerobics routines and eating nothing but celery sticks come to mind. With the new wave of fitness technology that has come out–Fitbits, smartphone pedometers, smart watches, etc.–we’ve found a new appreciation for the most common form of excercise in the world–walking. Most healthy adults have to walk everywhere, especially if they live in a big city.


If you make a dedicated effort to walking a lot every week, you could end up losing a pound per week. Imagine how little it would take to lose 15 pounds. That’s in only about four months, without putting time aside to go to the gym or putting in the effort of dieting.


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