The MMA Test: Women Train to Become UFC Fighters in 2 Months

Could you take the strain?


The life of a professional mixed martial artist is a brutal one, but more and more women are opening up to the world of combat sports these days—a victory for both genders.



That being said, not everyone is cut out for the career of a fighter, from training several times per day to dieting down in extreme ways to cutting water using methods that push the human biology close to its breaking point.


It ain’t all punches and smiles.

But Jordan Shalhoub and Michelle Khare said “Hell to that” and volunteered to train as a competitor in the Ultimate Fighting Championship would before competing in a head-to-head MMA fight—all in just two months.

The results include muscular development, increased confidence, life fulfillment, blood, sweat, several bucket loads of tears, and more blood.

Read on to see the video in all its glory.

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