Stop Making These 10 Silly Ab Training Mistakes

You’ll wish you had known this earlier.

Abs are one of the sexiest body parts, period. It’s time you stop making excuses for why you don’t have or don’t want abs and start working for them. Doing something extra or avoiding doing something, in this case, can give you incredible results.

We all wish there’s a body carving machine in real life like the one in Captain America but it’s not. You have to put in the effort to get the results. There is no magic serum or a transformation machine which will get you your dream physique.

Stop Making These 10 Silly Ab Training Mistakes

You can’t deem a physique complete if it doesn’t have a well-crafted midriff. This is also the reason you’ll never see a competitor on stage without a six-pack. There is something about having a shredded abdominal which makes you stand out.

People spend countless hours in the gym crunching in a corner but to no effect. They even go as far as to blame their genetics for their inability to shed the fat from their bellies. If only someone would tell them, the problem isn’t their genetics but their workouts.

Stop Making These 10 Silly Ab Training Mistakes

1. Redundant Training Programs

More often than not you’ll see people doing the same exercises over and over again. They find a couple of exercises which they feel comfortable doing and stick with them. This beats the entire purpose. You need to constantly shock your muscles in order for them to grow.

2. Doing Too Much

Yes, this can be a problem. Too much of anything is bad. Some people think if they do 5-6 exercises while training abs, they’ll get better results. They think of their abs just like any other muscle group. This can be counterproductive as your abs are a much smaller muscle group and hit exhaustion sooner as compared to the others. Doing 2-3 exercises while training abs are enough.

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3. Diet and Nutrition

There can be chances your workouts are on point but you are still not shedding body fat. This is due to your diet. While workouts play an important role in building a chiseled midsection, your diet will be the deciding factor if you will achieve your goals.

4. Rest and Recovery

Some people train their abs way too often. They might think it’s a smaller muscle group and can recover sooner. This isn’t the case. You should at least have a 48-hour gap between your abdominal workouts. Training abs twice a week will get you the best results.

5. Complicating Things

Jay Cutler famously said, “People make bodybuilding harder and more complex than it actually is.” No one could have said it better. Ab training and development isn’t rocket science. Keep your basics right and be patient. You will see the belly fat melting and your abs emerging from them.

6. Crunches Won’t Cut It

For some people ab training means crunches. Tell someone they need to train their abs and the next thing you know they’re lying on the floor doing crunches. You need to add variation to your workouts to see results.

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7. Using Weights

Just like any other muscle groups, your abs are made of muscle tissue. The more intensity you train them with, the better chances there are of them being well defined and developed. Use weights in the exercises you do to shock your abdominal muscles.

8. High Volume

Look around your gym and you’ll see people doing an insanely high number of sets and reps on their ab exercises. They think doing this will give them a better abdominal definition. Hardly do they know they might be overtraining their abs.

9. Focus On Compound Exercises

There are many people who join a gym to lose weight and get in shape. They want their midriff to look shredded. For this reason, they completely shut out weight training. This can be counterintuitive as compound exercises like squats, deadlifts, etc. can help strengthen your core.

10. Advanced Training Techniques

Advanced training techniques like supersets, drop sets, giants sets shouldn’t only be limited to weight training. Use these training techniques in your ab training to make the most of your abdomen workouts.

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