12 Things Women Love About Men Who Lift

All too often women are the focal point of how fitness can be so incredibly sexy. I agree, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes I think we forget to appreciate the greatness that is a fit and strong man. Men, you may want a woman who lifts, but trust me when I say, women have deep appreciation for men that lift as well.

1. Booty
Men aren’t the only people who love a little round, taut, booty action. Women are well aware that a sign of a man who squats is a man with a little bubble butt in the back. It’s simply beautiful

2. Adonis
Otherwise known as Man Lines. Otherwise known as blah-blah-blah-YES!

3. The Way Clothes Fit Them
Like hidden mounds of yummy goodness

4. Chiseled Abs AND a Thick Core
Believe it or not, you don’t have to cut to have our attention. You just got to be strong 🙂

bret contreras
bret contreras

5. He Appreciates Your Dedication to the Gym
Mostly because he’s right there with you…

6. He Tries to be Healthy Too
You both know clean eating is better when you’re both doing it.

7. Subtle Veins
Just something about those…are just so…mmmm

8. Because a Fit 220lb Sounds Yummy
No seriously, it honestly sounds yummy.

9. They’re Formidable Partners
Keep you accountable, and drive you to be better.

10. Solid Thighs
Because a chick doesn’t want to feel like she might break your knees by sitting on your lap and no, we don’t like to see chicken legs sticking out of the bottom of your shorts. We don’t skip leg day, neither should you.

matt christianer
matt christianer

11. They Make Simple Things Look Sexy
Like this picture, which really isn’t anything, but is a whole lotta something at the same time

12. Everything Just Looks Better On Them
Like tattoos, and boxers, and anything else for that matter

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