12 Incredible Tips To Stay On Track With Your Daily Workout

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Monday will be the day I’ll strictly start my workout and follow the diet plan.

Perhaps, that Monday never comes and you keep on making those imaginary fitness goals. Bitter, but it’s a reality.

stay on track

So, there must be a solid routine that keeps you loyal with your daily workout and keeps your motivation level high all the time.

That being said; here are 12 incredible tips that will help you stay on track with your daily workout and meet your fitness goals.

Tips to Stay Loyal With Your Daily Workout

1. Buy a Gym Membership

Buy a Gym Membership

OK! I might be messing up things here as this is something very elementary, still it’s one of the most motivating decisions. Even if you are a lazy ass, and have a gym membership purchased, you’ll feel pumped for no reason. And who skips working out and waste their money?

Just in case you have a busy routine and you aren’t able to hit the gym, do some home exercises.

2. Writing Down Impressions of Each Workout

Writing Down Impressions of Each Workout

Grab a new diary, which will be called your workout diary. Write down all the sensations from physical exertion you have after a workout and when you feel like not working out, just because you are not motivated or lazy, read through that awesome feeling of accomplishment you had.

3. Why You Started Workout?

Why You Started Workout

Keep on reminding yourself why you have taken this step to workout daily. Have your goals written somewhere and a picture of the ideal physique you want to achieve. Think about why you feel uncomfortable with our current state and want to change it.

4. Compete


Competition is a great motivator. Like who runs fast or lifts more weight or sheds off more at the end of the week. Try to compete with your friends or gym-buddies. Stop focusing on the fat burning pills and start working out.

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5. Will You Regret If You Stop?

Will You Regret If You Stop

I’ve seen a lot of people, mostly the lazy ass ones, who skip their workouts for no reason and later on regret for skipping or stopping. Think about that first feeling you had that you want to lose weight, improve health or build muscles. These are emotional triggers that keep you motivated.

6. Group Lessons

Group Lessons

Group lessons has its own pros. You are in a healthy and energetic environment where everyone has the same goals. Also, there isn’t any needs of unwanted attention from your group members. All you need is a great atmosphere to keep you going.

7. Pretend As If You Are Surrounded By Audience

Pretend As If You Are Surrounded By Audience

Imagine if you were a professional athlete and an audience around you is watching your efforts and applauding for you. This sort of imagination helps a lot to stay on track.

8. Motivate Yourself

Motivate Yourself

This is perhaps the toughest of these 12 things to do but have some motivational phrases or quotes written somewhere or on your smartphone. You can even wear a gym shirt with your favorite quote that keeps you pumped throughout.

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9. Audio Books

Audio Books

I’ve tried working out to music and believe me its works. Even if its been a very rough day, having your favorite music on can be a kick in the pants. This is why audio books are a great remedy.

10. Selfies


I know we all love taking selfies but have you ever tried the ‘progress selfies’? Suppose if you are starting from today, take a selfie of your body and work through the entire week, then take another selfie and compare it with the one you took at the start of the week. Definitely you’ll notice some change. This will be a great motivator.

11. Monitoring Your Success

Monitoring Your Success

Most importantly, you have to monitor your success. Buy a fitness gadget and track your progress, record your impressions and feelings. Go through it daily in the evening or before going to bed and use it as a source of motivation.

12. Wearing Sportswear at Home

Wearing Sportswear at Home

Now this sounds crazy but it works. Even if this isn’t your exercise day or you are not pumped, put on the workout clothes and look into the mirror. Your brain will encourage you to exercise right now.

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