Learn From The Fitness Pros: Adapt These 5 Healthy Food Habits

The Secret Of Celebs And Athletes

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Models, athletes and celebs seem to have a perfect body and we all wish to have one like them. Right?

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While exercise is a key ingredient for fitness but diet also plays a very important role along with some food habits. And of course healthy eating develops a perfect physique. Well, we pulled out some of their food habits below so you can adapt them, know their secret and get on track to a celeb-like body.

Healthy Food Habits

All you need to do is stay consistent with your routine, eat healthy and follow these golden tips.

1. A Breakfast But A Healthy One

It’s time to break the trend and kick that cup of caffeine away from the table and replace them with oatmeal, scrambled, boiled or poached eggs and chickpeas (alternative). All the fit athletes and celebs also begin their day with such hearty meals.

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Some other things you should add to your breakfast includes eggs with multigrain bread and berries, old fashioned oats, porridge and a greens smoothie which is usually a combination of fruits, veggies and low fat yogurt.

2. No Desserts

Especially with the main course! I know we all love to eat some sweet and sugary after eating our meals but you are completely unaware of the all the sugars accumulating inside your body. Well, you shouldn’t completely eliminate sugars but it is highly recommended to have your favorite dessert as a separate meal and not right after your main course.

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However, to satisfy your sweet tooth, considered adding a tiny piece of jiggery or fennel seeds. Also, when eating desserts, consider eating natural and healthy ones. Avoid the white sugar or unnatural flavorings. They’ll only pile up more lumps of fat on your body.

3. Dinner = Always Light

Having all your meals in a day is very important but knowing how much to eat for every meal is way more important. Doctors and even the fitness experts always suggest to keep your eating pattern in an inverted pyramid manner.

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This way, you’ll be having maximum proportion of your meal in breakfast, reducing it in your lunch and keeping it the minimum for your dinner. Always eat light in your dinner and make sure that there is a gape of at least two to three hours between your dinner and sleep time.

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4. Eat Every Two Hours

Instead of eating too much in three meals only, it’s better to eat every two hours and divide those 3 meals among 5-6 small meals. Because stacking in too much of food in a single attempt is never a great idea though it satisfies hunger.

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However, when you eat your meal in small chunks, it reduces bloating and also speeds up the digestion and keep the metabolic rate high. Make sure that whatever you eat, it must be healthy and safe for your body.

5. Avoid Liquids At Mealtime

Last but not the least is to avoid the liquids at mealtime. I also know that feeling of taking a sip of your favorite beverage after every bite of that morsel but even if it’s water, you should refrain from drinking it during mealtime.

healthy foods

It’s lot better to consume one glass of water before meal instead of drinking it while eating. It may cause excessive bloating.

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