Bikini Athletes From Glasgow Helping Others To Achieve Their Dreams


Marguerita (34) and Shannon (27) have competed around the world in federations such as the NABBA and Miami Pro.

There’s no doubt that bodybuilding is much bigger in the USA and South America. But it’s important not to forget that the sport is doing extremely well across the pond in the UK too.

Shannon Kerrigan and Marguerita Vonral are 2 women who have made it their mission to help others fulfil their potential as bodybuilders and fitness models.

Speaking to Glasgow Live, Marguerita said:

“It was quite competitive. They’d work against each other rather than with each other.

“But we know that strong women want to support other women – and community is what we’re about.

Bikini-Athletes-From-Glasgow-Helping-Others-To-Achieve-Their-Dreams-1*Marguerita competing on stage during a competition.

Promoting Mental Health & Self-Confidence

Almost everyone automatically assumes that fitness models all train simply to improve their appearance.

But while this is certainly a strong motivator, non-gym goers don’t realize that there are many benefits to mental health from lifting weights too.

Shannon emphasized her ambitions to strengthen her clients’ mindset:

“We’re not just about aesthetic – it’s about gains for body and brains. We focus on our clients’ mindset.

“We want you not just to look good, but feel good too.

“Weightlifting has really taken off for women. People before were like ‘I don’t want to be too bulky, too muscly or look like a man’.

“But not they’re realizing that’s how they can build their shape. They can eat good, solid meals rather than go on Slim Fast!

“As a person I’m much mroe confident that I can do things I set out to do. I use the gym as a stress release.

“It’s taught us to be strong, determined and not to give up easily – it makes you super focused and hard-working. When you reach a goal in the gym you’re like, I can do it there, so why can’t I do that in work? My personal life?”

Bikini-Athletes-From-Glasgow-Helping-Others-To-Achieve-Their-Dreams-2*Shannon competing as a bikini athlete.

Both Have Competed On The International Stage

You can’t argue that what Marguerita and Shannon are doing is in great faith. And they really do have the qualifications to back their motives up too.

Shannon has represented Great Britain as a bodybuilder at the PCA championships in 2017, in the bikini category.

Marguerita brings more experience to the table, having competed in the NABBA, IBFAm WABBA and WKDFBA federations during her career.

They both work under the brand ‘GirlCodeGains’; you can see their Instagram page by clicking here.

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