The Most Common Mistakes Men Make in Bed

How many errors are you guilty of committing?


What is a man supposed to do in the bedroom?

It’s a question as old as time and right up there with “What is the meaning of life?” in terms of complexity, given the answer will change from person to person, meaning there may be no such thing as a correct answer.

For example, some women love the idea of giving and receiving oral sex, while this writer’s ex-girlfriend, Sheila who will remain anonymous, couldn’t bare the thought of her head drifting below the waistline.

It was just a no-no in her books.

no big ang no no

But what is it a heterosexual man should be doing to ensure he’s ticking all the right boxes and that his partner is getting where they need to be? Thanks to the internet, we need no ask no more.

The folks over at Think Tank put the question of what we’re doing wrong to the test, and we’ve picked out some of the most pertinent mistakes that most of you may be committing to transform you from a Struggling Steve into a Romantic Romeo.

Skip to the second page to see the video and all Think Tank’s debate on the matter.

1. If You Need to Ask..

Related image

It didn’t happen.

Seriously, guys, it’s been said enough, but if you have to ask your partner whether they reached orgasm or not, there’s a very strong chance they did not—and that’s okay!

movie film yeah yas orgasm

On one hand, it’s great to be generous and check if your significant other got where they were trying to go, but get in there and make it happen; don’t just ask the questions.

Clarifying the matter will only make you appear insecure and inexperienced, two qualities women don’t really want to see between the sheets.

2. Foreplay, Fiveplay…Even Sixplay!

work racoon foreplay

One major criticism of some men is not paying enough attention to foreplay and ensuring the female is properly prepared for sex, considering it’s much more difficult for her to orgasm without it.

Studies have even discovered the clitoris is similar to the penis in that it needs to be erect and lubricated in order for a woman to reach the finish line.

Anything from five minutes to 30 can be sufficient foreplay; it all depends on the woman and the mood, but whatever you do, try not to skimp!

It’s not all about you, Geoff.

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3. Me, Me, Me

Party Down South cmt me me me

Here’s one that many men will agree with (this writer included), but one error a lot of guys out there are falling victim to is the notion that a male orgasm is the ultimate focal point during sex.

Instead, try get on board with the directive that making her climax is an even greater feat—y’know, since you’ve been jerking it at least five times a week for the past 11 years, and that doesn’t take a great deal of effort.

Take pride in being generous to your partner and bequeathing ecstasy unto her, and trust us, she’ll be generous in return.

4. Safety First

filmeditor movie sex mean girls condom

One particular turn-off for women is a lack of proper care when it comes to contraception and sex safety, owing largely to this generation of bareback appreciators who seem to have given condoms the middle finger and moved on.

It’s not cool, and Jackie Chan wouldn’t agree:

weird jackie chan condom bow down bowing

It may feel better in your mind, and I’ll be damned if it isn’t easier, but sex without some form of contraceptioncan lead to grave consequence, and it’s nice to show you’re at least aware.

Seriously, something as simple as checking whether your prospective partner—even a one-night stand—is a simple show of care that some women will truly appreciate.

5. Skipping Post-Workout

couple 500 500 days of summer snuggle snuggling

This one’s a biggie for those of you out there in relationships, but DO NOT skimp on post-coitus snuggles, as that’s when many girls just want some care after opening up in such a heartfelt way.

You don’t need to scoot right that second, and thankfully, Netflix is right there to pass by some valuable “us time” in bed, so there’s really no excuse for passing on the snuggling altogether.

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