Watch These Crazy Fights Between MMA Fighters And Referees

Don’t mess with a referee.

Watch These Crazy Fights Between MMA Fighters And Referees

MMA is arguably one of the most brutal sports. After the bell rings, things can get out of control inside the octagon pretty quickly. Even the referees aren’t safe when this happens. Referees can become an easy target for a fighter to vent out their frustration.

When people switch on their TVs to watch UFC, they are expecting a nasty fight. The UFC has done a good job to become a synonym for nasty and bloody fights. The octagon is a heaven for people with short tempers. These people don’t hesitate from giving the referees a taste of the sport.

We have seen brawls between fighters and referees on multiple occasions and all we can say is, the referees should be ready for it at all times. Honestly, it would be a good idea for the referees to undergo the same training as the fighters.

Watch These Crazy Fights Between MMA Fighters and Referees

1. Listen To The Ref

We can understand the killer instinct which ignites within a fighter when he sees his opponent knocked out cold in front of him. Though according to the MMA rules, a fighter has to leave his opponent alone after a KO.

Some fighters use this time to establish their dominance and make the final dent on their opponents. Don’t even think about it when you have a referee as big as this one. This referee almost put this MMA fighter to sleep with his neck lock.

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 2. MMA Fighter Chokes Referee After KO

This 12-second fight began with a kick to Joseph Nehm’s face by Ryse Brink. The fight didn’t last long after this blow. The referee came to Nehm’s rescue who in return executed a rear naked chokehold on him.

The blow to Nehm’s head seems to have taken out his senses. He couldn’t make out the difference between Ryse and the ref. Looks like Nehm will need some days off before he can get inside the cage again.

3. Don’t Mess With A Ref

A athlete should take defeat graciously and this fighter learned that the hard way. What is worse than losing an MMA fight, you ask? Getting beaten up by a referee after losing a fight is way more humiliating.

Iranian fighter Razi Jabbari attacked referee Joey Lepiten after losing to the hometown hero Honorio Banario. This wasn’t the best way of taking the spotlight. It wasn’t one of Razi’s best days. We wouldn’t be surprised if this day comes to haunt him for several years to come.

4. Keep The Corner Men In The Corner

A fighter’s corner team can make a big difference in his performance. They also come to his rescue when he needs help. This time around the corner man took things too far when he stepped into a heated conversation with the ref.

The ref showed him his place with a left hook. This referee could have swept places with one of the fighters. We’re sure this corner man will never step in the ring when this ref is moderating a fight ever again.

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 5. Here Come The Big Guns

Roy Nelson vs Bigfoot Silva was one of the most awaited fights. To everyone’s surprise, Roy Nelson knocked out Bigfoot Silva to seal his victory but the matter didn’t end there. Roy still had a little anger left in him.

He decided to vent it out by kicking the ref while he was covering Silva. In an interview later, Roy said he was upset with the ref for how he was handling the match. Roy doesn’t shy away from taking the responsibility into his own hands – or rather feet in this case.

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