Video: She Turned Taking Dick Pics Into A Career

When was the last time you begged a guy to send you a dick pic? Probably never. Guys, you may find this hard to believe, but dick pics don’t really do anything for us (Honestly, are you really that surprised?) Well, Soraya Doolbaz, a New York City-based photographer wanted to change just that. She thought, “How could I make dick pics more female-friendly?” Um…by decking them out in adorable little outfits, obviously. Yup, your boyfriend’s penis can become a famous fictional character, musician, or historical figure. Fast forward a few years later, and her company is thriving! People pay BIG money when you can take a penis and turn it into a stunning work of art. Her work is becoming so popular, adorned dicks are getting slapped on mugs, calendars, gift wrap, and turning into refrigerator magnets.

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