5 Reasons The Fat Acceptance Movement Is Dumb

FAT is NOT the new FIT

Today, we are seeing the chubby community rise out of their McDonalds seats, and parade around the world demanding equal rights. Because of fat oppression?

We see hordes of chubby, unhealthy, and lazy boneheads marching through the streets demanding ‘fat rights’. But do fat people deserve these moronic ‘fat rights’? Should we begin to introduce more and more fat models? Should we stand by and accept their addictions to Ben and Jerry’s as normal and even healthy? Is fat TRULY the new fit?

We know what you’re thinking, and here are the five reasons why we think the ‘fat is the new fit’ movement is bologna.

FAT is NOT the new FIT

Body positive means… being fat is good?

Why can’t we be skinny and happy? Why are people protesting gyms, claiming we are judgmental and douchebaggy? Let’s first acknowledge that we understand being fat can be and is a medical condition or some random side-effect of a drug you’re on. Unfortunately, this only applies to only 5% of the fat population. Statistically, that means you are out of luck, Chuck.

The reason you’re fat is because you have no self-control, and you eat too much. How can you expect us to be positive about your lack of willpower and desire to change? Body positivity means accepting yourself the way you are.

Sometimes accepting yourself means accepting the hard truths about your diet and exercise. Let’s not accept things that are wrong. By confronting the hard truths we are finally able to overcome the problems we are facing.

Fat Meme

Is fat becoming sexier than skinny?

I saw a picture the other day of a massive looking female model. I’m talking like a 400 lb elephant massive woman. The comments were filled with “So beautiful girl” and “GOALS” comments almost a thousand times over. Are you kidding me? That is your ‘goals’?

Listen, dude, it isn’t hard to have those ‘goals’. Step 1, go to McDonalds 5 times a day. Step 2, Repeat until 400lbs.

That same day I saw a skinny, ripped, beautiful women, and the comments which I actually expected to be “Goals” and “Wow” were incredibly negative and ruthless. “Anorexic much, go eat” and “All you care about is your body” comments were overwhelming.

How did this happen? How are we starting to look down on hard work and dedication and willpower as ugly and unwanted? Are we that naive to think that being fat actually is a trait we want?

Look at these hideous Victoria secret models… They are just so ugly and unhealthy.

We are healthy! And huge!

Health is a measurable figure. If you are healthy, we can see it scientifically and medically. If you are a 600 lb walking rhino, you aren’t healthy… you’re actually lucky to be alive.

America is plagued with nutrition-related diseases, childhood obesity, and deaths all in the name of morbid obesity. 60% of America is fat, and that number is quickly growing, no pun intended.

Fat people aren’t healthy. They are fat. The End. If you don’t believe me, look literally anywhere, ever. And no, you’re not big boned.

Check out Iskra Lawrence on the next page…

No Iskra Lawrence isn’t fat

Iskra Lawrence is an English model. She is a contributor to Self magazine, and was the founding managing editor at Runway Riot; a website meant to be an outlet for women of all shapes and sizes to learn about glamor. She advocates for the plus-size community and often spearheads movements against body-shaming.

We are so proud that Iskra Lawrence is standing up for fat models everywhere. Except for one thing… she isn’t fat. Let us not confuse curvy with fat. Nothing is worse than seeing a model ‘pose’ as fat and pioneering fat rights! Come on, you aren’t fooling anyone.

Having an extra 10lbs isn’t fat Iskra, it’s called normal.

Being fat is a real problem… it is killing people

Being ruthlessly overweight is killing people, at a rate quicker than driving your car. The only thing that kills more people than being fat is smoking. It is the second leading cause of death in the USA. But we are widely accepting and even encouraging it to our youth. We have to understand nutrition is the building block for everything. Without nutrition, we die.


I guess I am preaching to the choir here, you gym rats understand the anger you feel when fat people get the credit you deserve and have actually WORKED for.

Ah well, rant over. Where is the nearest Burger King?

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